Become familiar with all of the PrivateConnect™ program details to see just how seamless your flight experience will be.

PrivateConnect is an exclusive business jet charter program offered to British Airways™ customers by CitationAir by Cessna™. All PrivateConnect trips and inquires be will be managed by CitationAir.

The detailed personal information we ask you to provide to CitationAir for your confidential profile allows CitationAir to give you the best possible service every time you fly.
We will ask you to designate:

  • The contact phone numbers - home, cell phone and vacation home
  • Addresses – billing, home and e-mail addresses of the registered PrivateConnect customer
  • The names and contact numbers of those you wish to be Authorized Schedulers - the individuals who will be permitted to schedule flights on your behalf
  • A credit card on file - for additional charges such as catering or additional ground transportation. Your card may be used to pay for your trip purchases as well. We reserve the right to charge this card in the event of nonpayment.

To update your personal information, you may call us at US: 001.877.675.6480 / UK: 0808.234.9810 or email us at privateconnect@citationair.com.

View CitationAir’s Privacy Policy.